Mindful Consulting To Help Power Your Success!

Mindful Consulting To Help Power Your Success!

Mindful Value Proposition Consultation with Maria

A Value Proposition communicates the benefit of your business’s product or service to target customers or market segments.

Essentially, a Mindful Value Proposition Consultation with Maria will provide you with a purely professional objective assessment of what makes your product or service attractive, why a customer should purchase it, and how the product or service’s value is differentiated from similar offerings.

The purely professional objective assessment allows Maria and her team to deliver a Value Proposition Canvas which is a framework to help ensure that your product or service is positioned around what the customer values and needs

Mindful Consulting
Power Sources

  • On-Demand Back-Up Power Ready When You Need It
    A comprehensive holistic consultation has been performed to determine how Mindful On-Demand consultations can provide you additional power to maintain and drive your success.

  • Three Month Powering Up Your Marketing Success Value
    A steadfast engagement of Mindful consulting over a three-month period will help ensure your marketing efforts achieve and maintain their value to drive your success.

  • Six Month Upping Your Marketing Success AMPs
    As with the success-driven value of a three-month engagement, a six-month Mindful consulting engagement allows for the continuation of increasing your marketing success-driven value.

Connecting with Maria

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